Our Office 

Located in the historic Ritchie neighbourhood, our office is a 1920’s character home recently renovated with a mix of contemporary and rustic décor. The Good Real Estate Company’s office provides an inviting, home-like atmosphere with a professional flair in a central location that makes it a hub for our agents as they travel throughout the city.

Our Environment 

We offer our agents a cooperative rather than competitive environment. Everyone at The Good Real Estate Company knows their successes are valued and supported by the entire team; we strive to create a work environment that celebrates individuality while fostering collaboration. At The Good Real Estate Company, agents work together to ensure everyone’s success.

Our Leaders

At the heart of our team is resident real estate broker, Stacey Pelechaty, whose knowledge and expertise aid her in mentoring agents. A creative and effective problem solver, Stacey is approachable and helpful, dedicated to bolstering and supporting her agents to succeed.
Coupled with Stacey’s role as The Good Real Estate Company’s broker, is company leader, Rob Corno who enthusiastically encourages agents, continually fosters community, and ceaselessly models collaboration – among clients, colleagues, and the greater community.

Growth & Community 

Our agents aren’t just good at what they do, they are good people. To promote organic growth and attract like-minded agents, we created the Good People Program, learn more here. As a company, we also give back to our community through the Greater Good Program, we donate time, energy, and dollars to make a real difference for those who need it most.

The Good Real Estate Company doesn’t just recruit seasoned agents; we also seek out fledgling agents who are just starting out. We remember the challenges faced by agents that are new to the industry, so we readily mentor new agents who share our values.

Considering Joining the Profession?

With any potential career, you must first determine if it’s the right career for you. Real estate agents are service driven people with good interpersonal skills. A good agent has outstanding listening skills, a thirst for knowledge, a positive attitude, and always puts the client first. They are excellent problem solvers who can overcome obstacles successfully and positively, while remaining professional, respectful, and courteous to clients, colleagues, and the community.

Obtaining the necessary education to become a real estate agent is only the beginning. The profession is a lifelong commitment to training and development; you must consistently acquire current and ever-changing industry knowledge while also maintaining a thorough understanding of legalities, ethics, and negotiations. Education and success are intrinsically linked and you must value both.

Every client relationship and subsequent real estate transactions are different. The elements may be the same, but each home, each client, each negotiation is unique.

Licensing and Costs

Ensure you fully understand the licensing requirements and costs for starting a career in real estate in the Edmonton area. The more prepared you are, the better off you will be. For eligibility and suitability, visit the Real Estate Council of Alberta. Learn more about the Real Estate Associates Program here

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information regarding licensing and the process.  

Interested in transferring from your current brokerage to The Good Real Estate Company? The process is relatively quick and easy. Come to our office with your RECA certificate, your driver’s license, a void cheque, and your credit card (RECA’s preferred payment method). The transfer process only takes about 30 minutes and we will assist you in completing the transfer forms and sending them to RECA. Your RECA number and board number remain the same and you can begin working for The Good Real Estate Company right away

Training and Development for New Agents

At The Good Real Estate Company, we believe in setting our agents up for success. To do this, we provide new agents with a four week mentorship program to get you on your feet. Our mentorship program includes assisting new agents with business set up from GST numbers to websites as well as helping you create your own business plan, goals, marketing plans, and budgets. We teach you how to work an open house, we run through CMA and buyer presentations with you, and we help you with marketing and promotion. 

Essentially, we ensure that you have everything you need to be a Good agent

–Our Story is your success.


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